Thursday, June 11, 2009

To wet your appetite...

Here are some photos to wet your appetite.... The rest are will be sprinkled about...
I got to do a fun bridal portrait where some of them where similar to a trash the dress session. I absolutely loved it! All the photos have turned out spectacularly! Both the photographers involved are highly recommended... They both love to travel. So check them out:

Ginny at Wandering Albatross Photography
Kelly at Kelly Kirksey Photography (where you can see more photos of mine here...)

And the aftermath....

It has been way too long hasn't it ladies? I always told myself that I would catch up on it and actually post in the mean time. But how the heck do you newlyweds do it?! I graduated from college, moved, got married and moved again within a span of two weeks. Yep, not much time there! I will start sharing my thoughts and feelings on the matters in the days to come. Now that I'm a new navy wife with a husband who works 11 hours a day, I have some time on my hands.

Finishing College!!!
It really was a bittersweet moment. I decided not to walk because I just had way too much on my plate. Wait really? Is graduating, moving, getting married and moving again enough? yah. Those are my thoughts too. For those that don't know, I graduated with a double major in Spanish and Psychology. I had both senior theses my last semester so yes there was a lot of writing and editing and more writing. Perhaps that is why blogging became the last thing on my mind. Again, the 30 page psych thesis and 15 page spanish thesis (yes in spanish) was not enough. I did have more classes which also had more writing required. This is not to mention the many wedding planning things I had to do or the packing that happened in the mean time.
This is how I felt in the middle of it all:

Since many times my head was like the reference you can only imagine what my bedroom looked like! I decided that until I had actual time, real picking up was not going to happen. I knew that it would take waaaay too long to catch up and I needed to focus on school first. So getting to actual packing was intense. The day that i finished with all papers, tests etc both my mom and my brother came to help me out. We were able to get a good girls dinner in before the fun began and able to finish all of it in less than 14 hours including sleep.

So I finished college in three years. In three years, I graduated from high school and moved from Asia to Michigan, finished my first year at a private college in dutchville Michigan, moved to Montana
where I went to school for a straight two years no break; after which I got married and moved to Virginia. In three years I grew up; I found my dream. In three years I learned many of life's hard lessons. In three years I became myself. I found who I was and stuck to it. In three years, I lost the layers. The layers of what could be fun, of what I would love to be. I lost the layers of who I really wasn't and peeled myself back to the layer of who I really am. In three years, I fought what I was taught and struggled through what I was told. In three years, I went through heartache and tried to love someone that I never should have. But through that heartache I found a new side of myself. I found a self that was strong and could push through the impossible. I found a self that could. This could self was the self that finished in three years. This self was the self that tried to push through for years. That was underneath all the layers. And in three years I became ready. I became ready to date the right man. I became ready to prep myself to be Mrs. B. A Mrs. that would instantly join the ranks of the Mighty Military Wives. The ones that could, the ones that can and the ones that will. Three years passed. Sometimes three years crept by. Three years flew by. What a wonderful three years. Now I pass over to the ranks of the married women. I have so much to learn. So much to work on but I now can....