Thursday, August 2, 2012

Food Challenge!

It is way too easy to get into a cooking rut! When I got back from my 3 week trip I felt like I had to remind myself even how to cook. Now that I have a mobile 7 month old it gets even more difficult! SO! I have decided to give myself a new type of challenge. I already know that by doing preparation during nap time making dinner is a much seamless and easier task. I'm going to add another step. I'm going to have recipes for the next month planned out and even have my shopping lists all ready bimonthly. I'll set it up in the refrigerator with each meal in a certain place. I'm so excited to not only do this but also try a bunch of new recipes. I will have to keep y'all updated with the progress and some recipe ideas. I challenge y'all to spice it up too!