Sunday, March 29, 2009

Constant Frustration!

So! It all started with trying to order this adorable dress from Nordstroms that is on back order til middle of June. And that is definitely not going to work when I need it for the rehearsal dinner!
Then of course, I find out that my shoes from zappos have turned out to be completely the wrong color and I attempt the shoes from anthropologie... They were then on back order till May 20th! And no that is not going to work either... So i was browsing tonight and found the same shoes on another site! Then I browsed some more and found this dress at
So not as cute but definitely cute! and a cut of the price.... So finally coming to a close! Lets just hope the shoes and dress work!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok! So the pair that came back and the color isn't right is being sent back and this one! from anthropologie was ordered.. Can't wait! (Sorry they won't let me show the photo!)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I couldn't be more excited! I just found my guest book and it couldn't be more us or more perfect. I found this at Barnes and Noble but is where I got my photo! It's a photo book of Life's collection of best photos. Its just classic! Notice the top left photo! My fav~! There are perfect spaces on the corners for people to sign.
What about you ladies? What are you doing for something fun and unique or are you going classic?

Going through the to-do list...

I have been so busy just doing without telling whats going on!

We were able to find a venue that is soooo very very reasonable. Let me just say that my dress and the venue cost less than $500 put-together! The laptop has become my best friend as I have been just searching sites up and down for the best deal. Not only have things been reasonable but they've been what I want! That is truly the best part.

The reception venue is in my hometown and is just way cute. It made my day even more when I found out what they offer: approximately 500 black iron chairs (very french cafe-esque), several banquet tables for food etc and about 10 black iron tables. When my mom asked the lady about clean-up, the gal says "Don't worry about it- its my job!" Plus we can start setting up as early as there is nobody else scheduled. Cha Ching! I love that I don't have to rent/buy chair covers to cover hideous folding chairs. (Can we say a savings of minimally 200 right there?!?) My hometown church is where we are getting married in is just 5 minutes up the road. My dad has a 1954 Chevy Truck and several other friends have vintage cars. I can just see the bridal party driving off in these vehicles, can't you?

My mom and I have been hitting up the second hand stores for different glass vases, candle holders etc. We've come up with quite a few things for less than 100$ ! Its really incredible how you can save without cutting back on what you like. Everytime my dad tries to make sure that I'm trading budget for happiness, I just simply respond- I'm more happy though! Its true.. I've always been one of the girls who loves a good deal and would much rather a good deal than spending money on a designer. We were also able to find 8 different vases at Ross for like $15 dollars each. Granted not incredibly cheap but a good value for the size of these things! They are about 3 feet tall and the main stay look like this:

Ok so I jumped the gun, the wedding and more will be in the upcoming days!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch up time!

I know. I've been miserable. Its been a very very busy couple of weeks though.
My parents just moved back to the states and their shipment came thankfully while I was on spring break. So i spent spring break helping them unpack and move. I definitely crashed every night. BUT! knowing that I only had so long prior to the wedding I needed to also work on some things here and there, mainly when everyone had gone to bed. I thankfully got the wedding invitations done. (thanks to highly recommended) They turned out to be very nice! I loved them and was so giddy when they arrived.

My MOH dress arrived and my little sis tried it on while i was there. It definitely was NOT what we thought we would look like. SO it got sent back and we tried to find a new one.

My hairpiece from Ella's Alley on arrived also and I LOVE IT! It is so beautiful and lifelike. I couldn't be happier. I tried to do my hair a couple evenings ago because I decided to not get it done. I want more time to myself (since I would have to drive an hour away to get it done.... it would definitely cut out my day) and with my girls!

We ordered the shoes. Mom called me last night and said that they had arrived and I wasn't going to like them. Just what I wanted to hear! Supposedly the leather is a lot darker than previously thought. Anybody know of some good places to check for a cute pair of flats.

I'm going to be laden down with all of the appointments and meetings as time gets to a close. But it will be good....

More to come ladies!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Basket!

I'm definitely one of those that think the small details are not the end all but can make a big impression... I want a lot of small details that will just have to go away, but one that I'd like to keep is the Welcome Basket. Most of my guests are coming from out of town and I'd like to fill a basket of goodies... I also saw this at Martha Stewart Weddings:
So So cute!

I'm trying to think What would need to be in the welcome basket.... My list thus far:
Water bottle(s)
Chapstick (s) (you need it out here with how dry it is!)
phone numbers
list of fun things to do...
and I'm not sure what else yet! any ideas?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ironic isn't it?

Before I was actually able to plan my wedding... I was on here more! Maybe that attests to all that I've done!?
Lets see.... Waiting to get a check to my venue. Couldn't ask for a better price or better included items! Instead of having to rent white chair covers I now have black iron chairs that are going to go great with the feel of the wedding. I am so giddy! Just ask my dear room-mate.
I ordered my hair piece.... From Ella's Alley on Etsy and so far she's been fantastic!
And my aisle runner:

I also may have found my photographer.. Just waiting back if she can do the dates or not! but sounds good... Wandering Albatross

Oh and I almost forgot.. We ordered plastic (yes plastic!) wine goblets, tumblers, white coffee cups and black and white square plates.... From the most fantastic site ever. I seriously think I found my crazy quirky match. Smarty Had A Party ... The best name too hey?
So there's my update for now... oh and whatcha think about these from Zappos?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another great picture...

Another great one of how to utilize fruit... Cranberries and oranges! love it! Can you imagine the smell too? It was from here:

More Hair ideas

Alright ladies, give me your opinon.. also to bird-cage veil or not?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tackling the To-Do List!

Mom came over last night and we had a fairly quiet girls night with a lot of "tackling" involved. We went to bed working on wedding stuff (she fell asleep on me!) and then after some bill-paying continued on the wedding stuff...
We booked our DJ! He's great.. I met him at a bridal affaire and feel confident that he will be just right. He understands our vision of everyone having a good time and helping MC through the night...
We bought bridesmaid dresses! (From Spiegal) We found these and figured out how perfect they matched so we just went for it! And they will look great on everyone... Abby is going to be wearing the second one. (Its from Davids Bridal- go there and look for a better pic..)

We also bought rose petals in 4 different colors, and white paper bags to hold the luminaries and the favors.... The Favors are going to be flower bulbs with something corny but awesome to the extent of everytime it blooms remember us.
We narrowed down photographers and finally hunted down the number for the reception venue. We're trying to talk to them... Its a small town I would be blown away if it were already booked.
We also have the hotels down to two that we may reserve a block of rooms in and are just waiting till Monday to contact the Manager!
Its been busy but has been fantastic. Loved the time with mom!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The date!

So here you are ladies. Believe it or not! We are getting married May 16th... Yep that is 2009! 72 days away! Crazy I am, but totally ready to tackle it and marry the man of my dreams! YAY!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Did you know? and some good ideas!

Did you know:
1)that Spraying canola spray in a candle holder before you drop in a tealight can make the candle wax slip out easily. Makes sense but i like it!
2) you can use cake stands as candle displays? use multiple levels of candles and it looks really neat!
3) a couple drops of bleach can elongate the life of your flowers
4) wine glasses can be used as candle holders, especially looking pretty with some coffee beans or sand in the bottom.

Good ideas:
1) Tall vases lining the aisle of the church with candles


I heard the song Lucky for the first time today and it makes me tear up. I really am lucky to be in love with my bestfriend. Even so more than that I am blessed to be so in love and to be so in love with such an amazing. I just say, "Praise the Lord."