Thursday, June 20, 2013

Love Bug

I wish I could get pictures for y'all. Mini me at 18 months is turning into a little love bug. She has been randomly providing hugs and kisses and it is absolutely melting this mama's heart!

She has the sweetest little spirit. When daddy comes in the house she screams "HIIII" and runs toward him. She may not want to be held for long but she wants to give him a hug.

The dogs also get a good bit of loving, even if its a little tough love sometimes. They will get kisses, hugs and sometimes they even play chase.

Skype is one of her favorite things. She gets to talk to her "friiiend" aka Grandma and Grandpa. She usually shares a big "HIIIIII", sometimes a random "Bah" (bye) gets mixed in, but almost always says "Um, no." What a crackup.

Speaking of talking, I absolutely adore catching her talking on a phone, she has several play ones that work just as well as mama's do.. (ha just kidding... mine plays videos.) She usually has a lot of jibber jabber but in the middle will say "UMMMMMMMMM". So fun.

As I'm writing this, she pats me and says "Hi" and then leans up and gives me a kiss. BE STILL MY HEART!

One of her newest things is to put her sunhat on (which she refuses to wear pool side etc) and march around. She may read with it or play with her toys but either way she thinks that she is one cool kid.

I adore being this little one's mama and am so grateful that I get to be there daily to watch her grow up and invest in her. She's one of my greatest gifts from God.