Friday, January 18, 2013

7 Months- forgot I had it saved!

This has been a huge month for you! Talk about growing leaps and bounds. We had a multi-destination trip this last month and you were such a trooper. We first went to Minnesota where you got to meet your great grandparents, my aunts, my uncles and cousins as well as some family friends. Mom and Auntie Abby met us there and we all drove back to Montana together. We then spent 2 wonderful weeks at the ranch. 

You had so many new firsts and had so much fun. You got your second tooth in... I can't get over how adorable you look with those two little pearly whites. Even though before we left you started crawling it was more like the inch worm crawl. Up down Up down. During the trip you became a crawling champion. Amazingly too- you also started to pull yourself up on things. Straws became a new fascination as you learned to drink from them. Not all of it is swallowed and there's a bunch of backwash but you think it's pretty cool. Of course we also can't leave out that you sat on horses for the first time! It was like sitting on big puppy dogs and you thought that was great!!!

Daddy couldn't believe how much you changed when we got back and loved seeing your personality come out. Oh Man Oh Man what a personality it is! You are hysterical- all laughs and smiles. We get lots of giggles out of you too. I adore watching you grow up sweet baby girl and am so proud of who you've become thus far.

Love you sweet thing! 

Long time no see.

It has been wayyy too long since I've hopped on here and typed up! So many things have happened.

- Sophia celebrated her first thanksgiving... It was a lot of fun that she could actually eat all of Gigi's food! She also took her first steps on thanksgiving day!

- As I figured, as soon as she figured out those few steps she took off! Less than two months later she is so close to running.

- S now has 10 teeth! 10!

- J finished his second semester of college; with fabulous grades. I am so proud of him.

- Supporting a husband that is in college and working full time is not easy and rather exhausting.

- I started refinishing my kitchen cabinets. They're looking gorgeous and have about half of them completed! Currently on hold until the bedroom gets finished... (See below)

- We celebrated Sophia's first birthday! I started planning early and I think it went really well! We did pink/teal with yellow and owl accents. She was all about eating the icing and didn't need much encourage to dig into the cake. I ended up pulling it from her because she was so enthusiastic. She had so much fun with all her new toys and thought pulling tissues from the bag was more fun than ripping up wrapping paper.

- We were impressed that Sophia went to sleep in a pack in play at a friends house, in the same room as their daughter went to sleep. Love the adult time!

- Our family got to spend Christmas with both sides. We hosted Christmas Eve brunch at our house (I even made delicious cinnamon roll from scratch!) and then we had way too much fun at Joe's brother's and sister in laws.

- Christmas morning we headed to Montana. Our flight got in at 11 and we got to spend two weeks with family. Joe really needed the break from both school and work.

- Our room is getting an Oasis makeover. Seriously, all parents need their space and we're working on making ours have some serious swag. In the middle or re-doing the floors (Pergo XP Handsawn Oak- GORGEOUS) we realized we wouldn't have enough... Wouldn't you have it? The flooring is out of stock... So now we're grateful that we have a guestroom while we wait for it. Also, taking advantage of no baseboards and I'm getting the walls painted!

- Joe started his 3rd semester. I swear, I never had this bad of luck with professors. I feel so bad for him. He's had such demanding and frustrating instructors. It's even harder because almost all of them have been really disorganized and if you know Joe, disorganized and lack of logic drives Joe BATTY!

- We're trying to plan a getaway/honeymoon. Finally! It's been almost 4 years in the making... It will be a little smaller than originally planned. But we will have a good time no matter what...