Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year, New life- New Start!

At the end of 2012, we welcomed a little baby girl into our lives. It really is the most incredible thing and I adore being a mom! Due to being nauseous most of pregnancy I only gained 15 pounds. It was a huge blessing as I was already overweight and wanted to not have to lose as much afterward. I'm already at pre-pregnancy weight but that is definitely not my end goal.

With the new year rings in all the goals that we all place on ourselves. One of the top of course is always fitness, weight loss or something to that extent. Of course I am no different. But to me, this year is a start of a new life. I'm a mama now. I have to practice healthy habits in the kitchen and in exercise. I need to show my daughter that she doesn't need to be afraid of food but neither does she need to allow it to take over her life. She is in control of her habits and that life is so much better when we're able to live it to the fullest instead of always "what ifs" and "I will whens".

So my "what if" this year will be me in a smaller size of clothes- lookin' good! My "I will when" is now an I did. I did join a gym and I did work out today. Instead of getting upset at myself when I miss a day, I'll just make it the next day. Each day fits into the bigger picture so each day is a step to the goal. I'm so excited to be able to say when I've lost 5-10-20-50 pounds but even more so I'm excited to be able to tell my daughter that if Mama can do it- so can she.