Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True Story Tuesday

I had gotten this idea from a blog I follow... If you want a good laugh then please go read hers... too funny! I'm going to try to do it every week in an attempt to actually be better as a blogger! Thanks for being patient with me y'all...

When I was a sophomore in high school, my parents hosted "Final Friday Parties". On the last Friday of each month we had friends over and would do all sorts of crazy funny activities. My parent's wanted us to have a drug and alcohol free location where we could be ourselves and feel comfortable to invite friends. Somehow my brother and I came up with this interesting game with Saran wrap. We hunted down a costco size roll and at the next party put it to use. We wrapped eachother up from shoulder to mid calf and would have wars.

(This is actually me, in my saran wrapped glory)

The purpose was to knock each other over but you had to make sure to have at least two unwrapped people to each wrapped since you would have no center of balance and flop over and can't get back up! So after several matches we decide to walk down the road just for kicks. As we walk down a soccer mom stops and asks if we need help. She thought we were intoxicated. Soon after that, one of my friends fell over but because of her large bust her nose didn't even touch the asphalt. This was just one of my many hilarious and fun experiences with Final Fridays!


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  2. lol-- and that game sounds hilarious!