Friday, February 8, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things!

The last two days have been loooong. After naptime yesterday I headed to CVS to start some errands. Sophia had a well time diaper fill while we were out and about so I had to stop and change her in an awkward public bathroom (NEVER the same as home). About halfway through picking up some things, I overheard an employee mention how a car got hit in the parking lot. Soon thereafter they asked me if I was the proud owner of a Ford Escape. Why yes yes I was the lucky one who got their PARKED car hit. The lady even had the gall to go shopping and I waited by her car. After spending 25 minutes to get the insurance information from her, I was on my way home with said shopping basket ignored in the store. My bumper was so badly hit that it was falling off and cracked almost in half. So I continued to use the rest of ,my "errand day" on the phone to get insurance figured out. Oh yeah, that insurance information? Was ALL wrong!!! Today, I waited for the inspector guy to check out my car and he thinks it should be over 1600$ in damage. I proceeded to take it to the shop, get a rental (which my awesome bro in law helped hook up) and then head back home because it was already past nap time. She only got about an hour and then we went to run those errands we were supposed to yesterday. By the time we got home, Sophia was so exhausted that she refused to nap.

So this evening, I'm relaxing on the floor playing with my favorite one year old, God placed on my heart the song from The Sound of Music and specifically the lyrics: "These are a few of my favorite things"... It is so easy to think about how hard your days are and get yourself in such a tizzy and forget what good things are there for you. Sophia and I weren't in the car, we did not get hurt, we have awesome insurance that is helping make sure their insurance is working so we don't have to pay a dime, and we have a great car to go around in for the next week or so until we get our precious Escape back. Although, Sophia has had to be quite patient with me as I have dealt with all these things, she has been an absolute blessing. She's been pretty happy and not too fussy.

I think God brought that song to mind to remind me of what could have been; and so I am going to share some of my favorite things these days....

- My daughter's big hugs and kisses

- Bed time, hers AND mine

- My daughters imagination and humor coming out. It's been so fun to see this little kid grow up and not be a baby any more (shes currently wearing two of my reusable grocery bags and walking around the house)

- Her poop face. I still have yet to capture it on photo and as much as cleaning it up is no fun, the actual face will ALWAYS make me smile and laugh

- My sweet husband. He's really understanding more and more of how to bless me. The other day, I took a nap and he cleaned up the house some!

- The joy on my childs face when her favorite things happen.... (When music starts playing, she talks to her grandma and grandpa via skype etc)

- The small time when I get to craft and have some "me" time.

- the progress my husband and I are making in home renovations, especially in our "oasis"/bedroom.

We are truly blessed even with a car in the shop! Thanks God for making me think twice!

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