Saturday, April 14, 2012

4 Months

Sweet Sophia,
Happy 4 months! I can't believe you've been with us that long! I still cannot believe that you are ours. I am just waiting for the day for someone to come and tell me that time is up and you need to go. Nothing makes me happier than to know that you are indeed ours and we get to watch you grow and grow!!!

And growing you do! You are now 12 pounds, 11 ounces and 26 inches! Love my girl! You've been having shots every month so that you don't get as many in a sitting, even still you're such a champ. You hardly let it bother you.

Gigi and Pops watched you for one evening so that Mama and Daddy could have a date night out. Even though you weren't a fan of the bottle you behaved so well! They love their time with you. We started having you drink more bottles while Grandma and Grandpa came last week to visit. They love you SO much! You adore your grandma. With just a glance your way, you smile and smile right back. Grandpa is still figuring out how to entertain you but loves you nonetheless. We started some cereal while they were here. You weren't a huge fun but caught on before we knew it and were eating away! Can't wait to try other things with you too... Wonder if your taste buds with align more with your dads or your moms?

You are nothing but smiles and giggles. Even when you're positively exhausted you will smile. It's really incredible! We've gotten a few belly laughs out of you but can't wait till they become common. You love to look around and you are SO alert. So many people comment on it. Your current face favorite is when you tilt your neck down and give an intense stare. Sometimes a smile will end it but it is too funny!

The play mat and toys are your absolute favorite and music catches your attention quickly! The exercauser is another favorite because you get to stand up! You love to stand up and bounce! You've had a couple of other firsts recently too: first time in a high chair, first pool swim (it was too cool and you weren't a fan), first birthday with grandpa and first little mini road trip.

Schedules definitely make you happier! You currently sleep between 5-10 hours straight at night. Last night was 10 and the night before 9! You wake up, have about an hour of awake time and go down for a 45 minute nap. Then you're up for another 2 hours and down for a 2-3 hour nap. Your last nap is only about an hour then you're up till 8 when you go down for the count! You may wake up crying but are happy within seconds.

Mom and Dad love you so much and are so excited for all the growing you've done and all you will do. I never want to miss a moment though. It is definitely going by way too fast.

Love always,

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