Friday, May 4, 2012

Doing "MOM"

I've learned a lesson already in 4 1/2 months of being a mom that I have been told most don't learn until their child is much older or out of the house... This lesson is taking time out for mom.

Hubby sleeps during the day.. No he's not a slacker or deadbeat- much to the opposite. He works at night so his time for bed is when I'm running around. It makes things quite interesting around here to say the least... One way is that our schedule isn't normal... (What IS normal ANYWAY?) He works 12 hour shifts and will work 3 days one week and 4 the next... Because we have some big goals this year which includes padding up our savings account, starting our retirement fund and doing some big home projects (re-doing master shower, replacing flooring etc) he's also been working an extra day a week for over time. This means for this mama that I get to see my husband for a total of about 1 hour a day for 3-4 days straight. I am on the clock 24/7 without any backup. Often days I don't mind just staying at home but there are definitely moments where I have realized for my own sanity I just need to get out of the house!

Monday I was able to go to Ladies's night out with some gals from my Sunday school group and Hub watched Sophia. By the time I had gotten home, Sophia had been awake for 2 hours and refused to drink from a bottle... Joe admitted to me that he had a whole new appreciation for what I do as a Mama and he no longer wonders what I do all day because just she alone keeps me busy (So grateful that he gets this and gets it early too)!

Today I realized that I hadn't moved my car since Tuesday (AKA I haven't gone anywhere!) which means this Mama desperately needed some interaction. Sophia and I went to a story time and then out to lunch with two other Mama's and some babies. We had a great time and although we were all busy taking care of our little ones we still managed to have some mom time.

I know that without this time I tend to be more exhausted, more easily frustrated, and tend to use my husband as a gal pal instead of the great man that he is! It is well worth its weight in gold because then Sophia gets a happier Mama, one that is able to deal with teething and rearranged schedules and the like.

It also made me realize some more things about my own Mom which I will share more about in a post dedicated to her for mothers day...

I'm off to enjoy clean a little bit but then take out some me time: a glass of wine, a tv show and some time to do my nails!

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  1. Thanks for coming by. We don't live to far away in Temple. Mama time is very important and sometimes very hard to come by.