Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teeth and Big Trip!

Announcement!!! Sophia's first tooth popped through! Finally! I think the second one is just right behind it because it seems to still be bothering her. As soon as we can thoroughly see the tooth I will post a picture of a cute smiley TOOTHY baby! Can't believe we have a tooth!

Tomorrow Sophia and I head off for a three week trip. As much as I am so stinking excited for the trip, I am a little sad because Joe won't be able to come with us at all. We've done one deployment apart but right now 3 weeks seems so long especially because baby's change so much so quickly. First stop in our 3 week excursion is to Minnesota where all of my mom's family is from. Sophia gets to meet her great grandparents, 4 great aunts (and their husbands), lots of my cousins as well as family friends. Most of these people I haven't seen in 3-6 years! My mom and sister will be meeting us in Minnesota and then Sophia and I'll drive back to Montana with them. We'll be back just in time to go to my favorite Rodeo (haven't been in 3 years) during the 4th of July week. I'm so grateful that we'll also be able to spend a full 2 weeks with my parents and siblings in picturesque Montana. I do miss it so much and am going to get to see good friends and even some more family members who I haven't seen in probably 10 years! I can't wait to share pictures etc with y'all and will try to update during the trip!!!

Can you feel my excitement from where you're sitting? I think I use too many exclamation marks. ha!

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