Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NOT unemployed! - A little ranting and raving.

Caution: Personal convictions and opinions abound:

When I was about 6 weeks pregnant we moved just north of Austin on a total faith walk. Joe got out of the navy, got a good job and we were staying in a hotel while we found other housing. I had no plans yet to work when we moved and then we found out we were pregnant so working plans went on hold even longer. It just didn't make sense to go to work for a few months and then quit. Because you see, Joe and I made a decision early on in our relationship... As long as it would be financially possible (and we intended to always make it possible even if Joe had to work 2 jobs) and until our children were in school, I would not work outside the home. But this did NOT mean that I was going to be unemployed!!!

When I would go to my postpartum checkups the front desk clerk would always confirm, "You're not currently employed correct?" I constantly have to fill out forms and claim the unemployed check-mark. I went to a work event of my husbands and asked what I do for work and about half the people say something along the lines of, "where do you work?". This so saddens me! Where in our society have we gone from it being awkward to be a working mom to being awkward to be at home with your kiddo? Not only do they wonder why I don't work but they fully expect me to not also have a degree. No, I have a degree and would love to work but right now its not where I need to be.

We completely believe that being a mom is a full time job and a wonderful calling. By being with my daughter and future children all day, I get to raise my own child. I know what she's hearing and seeing. Yes I would love to get my masters and work but it's just not the time yet. I need to invest my heart and time into my child and I know that it will be the best investment I will EVER make. 

I am NOT unemployed. I just need to make that clear. I have a job: I am Joe's wife and Sophia's mother. My day consists of lots of diapers, cleaning, laundry, dogs (yes we have 3), errands, activities... I stay busy loving on my kiddo, invoking lots of laughter, smiles and encouraging growth and proper stimulation. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Here's a little glimpse into my awesome world.

Sweetest little baby!

Getting to be such a big girl! Loves to push up and doing beginning stages of crawling.

My two loves (one with a ridiculous mustache) on Memorial Day *note: husband had been so far removed from military world that he had forgotten which side ribbon rack went on and noticed later...

Sophia getting cleaned up by her biggest fan club after some baby food!


  1. Preach it! You will never regret one minute of your decision! I stayed home until both girls were in elementary school, and then worked at their school (SAS) so we could have the same schedules and even then they wished I was home. They even ask now, when they are getting ready to graduate why I don't stay home. They would rather that I did which I think is a great testimony and very sweet.
    Enjoy this time sweet girl!

  2. I, too, have not one tiny regret for my 31 years at home with my children but often encountered the interesting queries you have experienced. I am so glad to have been so involved in their upbringing. I think it is one reason we are all still close. Now I love the flexibility my job affords me to enjoy my grandbabies. You go, girl! You get only support from Gigi and Pops!