Sunday, January 25, 2009

Damask, Pom-Pom's etc

I love love love Damask patterns!!! I saw it and just fell in love. It may just be in the invitation, or I may find another way to intricate it all. I'm loving the idea of a travel theme. Each table is from a different place that we've been and where we want to be. Damask on top of this may just be too much... But who can't love this?!

I also love the ideas of other ways to decorate instead of using hundreds of dollars. I love the ideas of candles and mixed textures.

The best part, is that they are DIY and easy!!! They are going to cut down the cost of a wedding for sure and look great!


  1. The pom-poms are cute! Are you thinking of doing ones for napkin holders and such?? And if you want any help making them, call me up!

  2. I will for sure hit ya up!!! probably only hanging... I think they're so beautiful!

  3. Sweet! They are really pretty, and I bet it'll be so simple to get them made and in your colors too!