Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some more insight...

I jumped right off into the deep end with dress and hair, but how about the basics? Like the building blocks :insert sara typical grin: My wedding colors are going to be champagne and merlot. Not intending to be wine themed! But definitely loving it anyway!
The main color is the champagne, really light but pretty. Tableclothes, napkins etc will be the champagne and the overlays on the table will be the merlot. I've decided on David's bridal, as cliche as it might be for the bridesmaids. Since they will be coming from all over, its too hard to get it from a boutique or anywhere that isn't national. Each one gets to choose their own knee length champagne dress. My Maid of Honor, my little sister, is going to wear a little spin off of the champagne. Its champagne with a black overlay, its very suiting and "Abby". I want the guys to all wear black suits... I don't really care if they're tuxes... Even Joe's can be a suit!! I love the playful nature of a suit versus a tux as well as its versatility. So here's the boy band shot.... (haha Yes i do know whose photo i picked. but come on if you're gonna go boy-band...)

I love the casual-nature and fun of this next photo!!

Alright, so I love some cute photos that I've come across and I want to share two with y'all!

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