Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Favors and Sweets

With it being a May wedding I wanted to do something that was totally spring. I also am a true believer of doing things that are usable. I didn't want to spend money on 100 favors of which half are left behind. Thirdly, a lot of my guests are coming into town for the wedding. Some favors are inpossible for them to be able to fly with. So I found a good middle ground. Wrapping up flower bulbs so that people could plant them are small, reasonable and economical. This is what they ended up looking like. I'm planning on inserting a poem about seeds and blooming and planning on asking the guests to pray for us everytime it blooms. A neat momento!
I had my cake testing last weekend... We've all seen every type of cake and if I'm not unusual we all think that many different types are pretty... Am I wrong? I'm getting my cake done at Sweet Pea Bakery. The cake baker is a graphic designer so the cakes are gorgeous and they are able to translate ideas into beautiful works of art. I'm doing a simple two tier cake since we are doing cupcakes for the cakes... With the idea of the wedding being Fruit of The Spirit...the cake is going to have fruit flowing down the sides of the cake and lining the edge of the two cake layers. Cake is a vanilla with fresh strawberry filling.. Kinda like a strawberry shortcake!

Speaking of cupcakes! A good friend of mine is making my cupcakes as a labor of love. We're going to do 50 chocolate and 50 vanilla... We did a cupcake trial two weeks ago. I highly recommend doing trials.. You get yummy leftovers! We are going to put little pieces of fruit in the middle of each frosting "flowers". I'm exciiiiited!

What do you ladies think?


  1. You cake sounds yummy! (and of course YAY for the CUPCAKES!! lol) What kind of bulbs did you get? That's a great idea, BTW. Plus if people leave some behind then you'll have some for you two!

  2. I love the bulb idea!! its definitely not a waste of a gift!! post the poem/saying..that you include!

  3. Thanks! It turned out great... My mom saw them yesterday and couldn't believe how good they turned out.. I will post the saying! Once I'm married I think I just may keep up on this... We are doing fresia's and shoot! I'll have to go look at the other.. i forget!