Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Mrs. B...

Today I got my first hint at what it would be like to be Mrs B. We received a check from the officiant who married my parents and were good friends: the check was written to Sara and Joe B.... and on the outside of the envelope said Mr and Mrs. Joe B.... I love it! The only fall-back.. I can't do anything with the check until we're married. But! That's only 27 days away!!! God is good and I cannot wait to marry him.


  1. Isn't that crazy? It's going to be sooooo weird when someone refers to me as "Mrs."

    we're gettin' close!

  2. It is so crazy! I'm exciiited! its so close darlin' hold on to the finishing line!

  3. that is super cute that you are so excited :) I love it! And i love your blog too! :)