Saturday, January 23, 2010

The little reminders...

I'm used to J being gone on underways... In some ways, it has gotten to be very normal. A couple days here, a couple days there, a couple weeks here is the norm in the military. With this being said, it was very surprising about the emotions that I've been having. It's the little things that get me... However I have noticed that its a love/hate relationship in that I also love them because it reminds me of him and gives me a sensation of his presence! The little things that usually irritate me while he's here are now things that I wish would happen every day because that would mean he was here! You know, like the pair of underwear on the bedroom floor or the beer bottle caps that didn't quite make it to the trash can. I love that there is shaving cream in the shower, pictures on the way, loving touches that we've done together... because it means it's a sign of him being here even though he isn't. I love that when I opened a kitchen cabinet today I saw the the Vanilla Infusion that Joe and I put together before he left... It's a bottle that he gave me for Christmas with vanilla sticks that you add vodka to, and then wait 6 months to use it as a vanilla extract (i believe). We're going to wait one extra month to use it and that means that he'll be home! I cannot wait!

While J's gone, I have some challenges and expectations to accomplish!
1) Further my relationship with Christ
2) Further my marriage with J
3) Lose weight
4) Get my business with Arbonne going
... amongst other smaller things!!!

While I was working out yesterday, I watched a bit of a discussion with Obama at a college... -I'm not a Obama lover, I voted for McCain- He was talking a lot about health-care... What do y'all think? I'll post more about this next time!

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