Tuesday, March 2, 2010

True Story Tuesday

Wow! It's already been another week! They're flying by!!!! I feel like doing a fist pump yess!!! This means that deployment is also flying by and that is fantastic news.

This week's true story takes place about 11 years ago in Shanghai, China. My family had just moved to China and in normal moving fashion we were living in a furnished apartment until all of our furniture arrived on the slow boat to China (quite literally!) My parents had left for a work dinner and my siblings and I were at the apartment with an old family friend, who is also like a big sister to me. She had actually moved to Shanghai before we had and it was wonderful to have her there for support while we lived there. My brother and I got the wise idea to tie on our roller blades and slide around the very slippery wood floors of the apartment.

Now, if you don't know me or don't know me well then you do not know that I am the biggest klutz ever! I will walk into a wall or trip over my own feet so the fact that I was wearing really nice and fast roller blades and newly waxed wooden floors was a horrible idea. Add to this first horrible idea was the one where somehow tag got started with a ball. My brother was throwing a ball at me and one throw hit me on the back of my leg at a reflex spot. Instantly I was down with my right leg underneath me and I was screaming in pain. Our family friend came running and I kept saying it can't be broken it can't! I had broken my right arm less than 2 years earlier... We were able to get the boot off after a long lengthy process of slowly pulling and stopping because of the excruciating pain. I was only able to make it to the doorway of the closest bedroom and fell asleep. My parent's woke me up and got me into bed where I spent the rest of the night watching movies because I just couldn't sleep.

The next morning, I got sat on an office chair so that they could wheel me to the elevator and then downstairs to the waiting car. We were then off to the Expatriate Doctors office. After a miserable time getting my leg x-rayed (the technician kept pulling my leg in horrible positions) I was told that my leg was broken. Not just broken mind you, but broken with a spiral fracture! The doctors couldn't set this because it required surgery. My leg was temporarily set in a fabric cast so that I could get on a plane to Hong Kong. I got wheeled straight through the metal detectors and carried onto the plane where I caught up on some sleep. Once reaching Hong Kong, the taxi took me straight to the hospital so I could get two pins placed into my leg...

What an adventure! In one of the other true story Tuesday blogs, I will let y'all know about how recuperation and surgery to get the screws removed felt!

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