Friday, May 18, 2012

Mothers Day

Ever since I was little when asked who my hero was, I would respond my Mom. She and I always had a close relationship. Even when I was a teenager we would have our arguments and come back in mutual appreciation for each other.

My Mama is a blue eyed, blond haired bombshell! I'll let her picture speak for itself...
Yeah she doesn't look like a Grandma to me either!
What is most amazing about my Mama is that her external beauty is only a fraction of her internal beauty. Unless you met her you wouldn't completely understand, but this is some of why I can say that.

This past Sunday in our Bible Study fellowship we spoke of how our Mom's changed our lives. Since I was one of the last to speak I heard everyone else's comments first... I kept thinking, yep my mom is like that, yep my mom does that. It was really hard to pick one thing that changed my life because everything that I am is because of my Mom. (Ok some bad habits may be from my dad .. hehe)

The one thing I picked is that my mom is the most hospitable person that I know. If you met my mom, you would feel instantly liked, instantly happy and instantly at home. She may just have 3 biological children but she has countless others that call her Mom. She attended events of kids that didn't belong to her. She hosted many parties and stayed up many late nights helping one person or another. My mama can throw together a gala in hours or put together more food for company in minutes.

She is this insanely capable woman. She moved our family 9 times (4 times across oceans) not counting the times from an apartment to house etc. She has managed 3 kids schedules and a husband who traveled throughout our childhood about half of the year. We have had hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs, fish, turtles and horses. Whew now that I type that I realize even more so what all my mom handled!

My mama is the most beautiful chameleon. She can wear linen and heels and host tea parties in Singapore one month and the next month wear jeans, cowboy boots and a baseball cap and train horses. She adapts to any situation necessary with unassuming grace, elegance and poise.

Now that I'm a mom too, I understand some of what my mom did. I now understand sleepless nights, exhaustion and being mom even when you feel sick. I see how little "me time" my mom had and how incredible it was that she was able to keep our home spotless.

I am so blessed to have Joan as my mom. I didn't just grow up, she raised me. I am so blessed that she helped guide me into marriage and now into motherhood. She's an incredible woman, mom and now grandma.

Thanks Mama for all you are, all you did and all you love me.

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  1. Sooo sweet, Sara! I bet your mom will be a puddle of tears when she reads this post. The first time I met her was in Puerto Rico and she was just the sweetest. She went out of her way to walk us to a restaurant. When we lived in Singapore she went out of her way to drive me home one time. (It was probably an extra hour of driving for her.) I'm guessing your mama is proud of you.