Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Christmas Already?

I'm sure many have a story very similar: They want to have the wedding in a specific month but family members want another month.. One side wins or some kind of compromise ensues... The month I wanted was May or June and my parents wanted more time to prepare and would have preferred August or September. J and I have now been married 7 months as of yesterday.

Another similar story for many... This is the story of the military. Even though they may have a pending deployment that will take them away from loved ones for 7 months, the ones in charge set up many "underways" (short little bouts out to sea). If I were to add up all the underways that we have had this far J and I have been apart 2-3 months. There is no way to say it but that it just purely stinks! The fact that we got married in May however, provided extra time together before the deployment... Invaluable time.

Take these two things along with one last thing... an impending deployment and you get reality. J will deploy during the last part of January. Specific songs do get me teary eyed and so do movies, pictures, stories... all right- anything can get me emotional! The reality is setting in that in one month I'm going to have to say goodbye.

As we prepared for Christmas season, I was really excited! I LOVE Christmas and so does J. We are like two kids... in fact as we went to pick out a Christmas tree I actually caught myself skipping! We picked up a countdown decoration.. We get to turn the spinner each day till Christmas. It's a lot of fun, and I can't wait for Kids one day to join in... However, now I pass by that countdown and realize that the countdown till deployment is getting lower as well.

My Christmas spirit has dampened. I wish it could freeze in these next two weeks forever. I wish I could have the time with J and the dogs. The good times with the new Wii, making breakfast together, decorating the tree, going to the dog park, snuggling, all are times that I wish would never end.

But I'm determined. I want to have a wonderful Christmas, make memories... We need those memories to make it through till next August. I'm also determine not only to make it through deployment but to conquer it! We will be successful!

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