Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lost in time it seems!

Months have gone by haven't they?! I kept meaning to post, but found other things more distracting... However, I've been really wanting to start up writing again, maybe even finish some stories I've started. That would definitely be quite the day. So here I am again! And I think better than ever! I love how my life has changed even though it may not be exactly what I have expected. I would not exchange or alter it for anything.
An overview which will be extended in blogs to come:
- J and I have been married almost 7 months! I can't believe how time has flown.
- We have two puppies that we have added to our family this summer... We got Charlie as a rescue in June. She's a Lab mix... We were looking but not sure if we were ready to add more chaos but when we saw the photo of Mack, a Brittany Spaniel, we just couldn't resist and I am so glad. He is the sweetest thing and just adds so much!
- I work as a part-time nanny now! I'm not sure when I'll go back to school (however I did get accepted into Liberty University's masters program for Family and Marital Counseling), or get what some people would say is a "real job". For now, a real job is one that will allow me to be with my husband when I can...
- I am the Vice President for J's ship's Family Readiness Group... It keeps me busy and I love the people that I meet!
- J is busy as the ship prepares to stand-down for Christmas and deploy shortly thereafter. He's been out to sea much since we've been married but I think its a good warm-up!

So please let me know if anyone is still reading this and I hope y'all enjoy.

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