Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 months

Sophia Grace!
You are now a beautiful 5 months old... You still fit in some 3 months outfits but most are starting to get too small for you. You are long and lean! Hopefully you get your daddy's genes in that department because long and lean does NOT explain your Mama!

You've now had a couple breakdowns before bed time in a row. I'm pretty sure your teeth are really bugging you because this is so unlike you... You're typically a really happy fun baby. It's easy to get you to laugh and smile. Two things that make you smile instantly are when anyone "clucks" their tongue and seeing your dogs. You are so into ANYTHING. You love to grab and hold on to paper, cups, credit cards etc and can sometimes have a fit when we take it away from you!

Trust me, you love your doggies!

You have started to eat baby food... We've given you applesauce, strawberries, bananas, sweet potato and carrots. So far your utmost favorite is strawberries and bananas! Daddy found out that you love ice! It helps when your gums are so sore.
                                                         You are NOT a fan of Oatmeal

We skype with Grandma and Grandpa every couple of days and you're still not quite sure what to think. You've started grabbing for the computer so maybe you think you'll get kisses through the screen?

You had your first story time and you loved it! You were super happy until the very end when you fell asleep on your Mama's shoulder. I can't wait to spend more of these times with you down the road.

The pool is yet to be a hit but I think that's because every time Mama wants to take you it is still a little too cold! I know, I'm mean! Both times, we have a warm bath afterwards...
                                                                  Cutest baby ever!
                                                             Much Happier in warm bath!
Mama can't wait for next month since we get to introduce you to all your Mama's cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and then have some R&R in Montana! We know you'll win over everyone's hearts...

Love you sweet baby girl,
yeah I know it's a little blurry- so hard to take a picture with a wiggly babe!

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