Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shut the front door...

After getting married I've gotten even more of a kick of trying to be a domestic goddess and now that pinterest is around I'm even more inspired! Anything that I can do that makes my house look more put together, fun and that isn't expensive to do definitely peaks my interest... One thing that I've been trying to do is decorate for each season throughout the house but this blog is about the FRONT DOOR!
I have a fall wreath, Christmas wreath, Easter/spring wreath and needed something for the in between or summer!
I didn't take pictures of the process only the end result but it was so stinking easy that I should be able to just explain away. 

- Paint the letter that you want to use. I used MDF and it didn't take spray paint well. I put a couple coats of Acrylic paint on afterwards to give it the color. It needs about an hour to be fully dried
- Start with a good base, mine was a straw wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby.
- Wrap that in teal yarn. It takes a little while so be prepared to watch a movie or two.. Having the yarn taught as you wrap it around make it a lot easier... 
- Then take strips of burlap about 2 inches thick and about 12 inches long and tie it once around a corner of the wreath and repeat this 8 times (or as thick as you want).
- Hot glue gun some flowers (mine were discounted and ended up being about 1$ a piece) on top of the burlap
- Take a piece of burlap about 6 in in width and as long as you need and fold the ends in and thread through Letter.  Pull it over the top of the wreath so that the letter hangs and hot glue it in a circle.
- Finish with another piece of burlap tied on top so that you can hang it flush to the door.

Price Breakdown:
Wreath: 4.99
Letter: 2.99$
Yarn: under 4
Paint:  (used a little acrylic I had in my stock)
Burlap: 3.99 a yard, used less than 1/8th, so lets say 50cents ish
Flowers: 3.50
Hot glue: Used less than one stick from home
Approximately 16 $ with leftovers

If you have any questions or need help in clarification please don't hesitate to ask!


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