Thursday, February 5, 2009


I've been trying to figure out if I'm going to make my own cake or if I can find someone that I trust to make it.. I want a simple white cake with textured cream cheese frosting with maybe fresh flowers and/or fruit on each tier. Since its going to be a dessert buffet, the cake needs to be small. Something like this...
I'm going to do a cupcake tier, I'll make the tier and then have the same cake batter into cupcakes...

An acquaintance of mine does a beautiful job doing cakes.. They are delicious and very professional looking. She made a cake for my friends wedding and I was so impressed! She even made the fondant!!!So! I asked her if she would want to do them... And that I would have time to help out and would pay cost plus. I'm so excited!

So here's an idea of a how I can make the cupcake tier... It's beautiful! Yay!
Its from here : and there are directions too...


  1. Yay for cake! That's so cool about the cupcake tier too. =D I decided for my someday wedding that I want one of those cupcake cakes, like they sell in the grocery stores. (But not actually get it from there!)And just have that instead of an actual cake. So I'm excited to think that you're doing cupcakes too!

  2. Yeah! With a dessert wedding.. I definitely don't think everyone will eat cake AND everything else.. not worth it!