Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just wanna scream!

I am soooo excited! I don't know what date we're getting married yet. Finally we are just down to one person left to sign off if you will... The navy! I know.. one of the biggest ones but you gotta be optimistic. May is right around the corner and is a high possibility. So I could be married in 85 days! A lot of work to do in between now and then but oh my goodness this is so real and exciting! I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams and spend the rest of my life with him! SO SO SO exciting!

I've got a couple big things left to do in the mean-time though...
1) Guest List
2) Invitations
3) Finish up wedding registry
4) Buy Labeling software
5) Buy stamps
6) Buy pre-marital counseling book
7) Start pre-marital counseling

But you know what?! I still can't wait. Nothing is able to crush my spirit at this point. (This is as of today... Tomorrow I may be a little bit more pessimistic but I'm gonna try to keep it to a minimal) Just a little more of my ranting... But YAY


  1. Do you need or want any help? I've got a lot of free time on my hands lately and am willing and able, if ya need me! Just call or text. =D

    So exciting for you though that you can be getting married soo soon!

  2. Thanks so much sweetie! I'm sure I'll be calling you sometime of the current situation nothin yet.. but hopefully soon! We definitely need a girls date soon though! I'm hoping things will settle down...<3