Monday, February 23, 2009

New New New!

Last night my parents and I sat down and talked wedding... It was a huge block coming off of my shoulder and a huge exciting moment to spring forward. We are waiting to hear back from the Navy and hopefully May will come back as a go for it!
We are now planning on getting married at my home church. We're going to drape fabric and change the whole feel of the place. We're going to romanticize it and make it intimate and beautiful. I cannot wait! We're planning on having our reception in the fellowship hall and then move down to the Wilsall Dance hall for just a big party.
So now! Onto some new planning... Here are some ideas that I'm loving and photos to boot.
i love the fabric draping of this photo

and my favorite little pom-poms
the richness of these colors with the twigs... The simplicity with the beauty and purity
yay for signs and dancing

the rich colors and contrasts with candles The different textures and colors
These are from tying the knot... Love her!

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