Friday, February 6, 2009


Like every other brides... I'm hung up on shoes! Since the dress is pretty simple, I can have some fun with the shoes and accessories. I'm along with everyone else in the colored shoe fad. Even more so... I'm loving the idea of the indian inspired flats with beadings and maybe color! One way or another, the shoes need to be fairly flat, maybe a fun pair of cowboy boots. But these are some other ones that I've liked...
I love the vintage fun style of these.. from here:
Something about these are sooo fun and cute!
Simple and elegant and something that you'll never regret... but are they "me" enough?

Ok so wayyyy fun! But do I want them in orange? the only orange would be in the flowers...

These are just an idea of the maybe ideal indian flats. They are just like back home in Asia.
For a pair of boots, these might be pretty fun... A little fun with the class. But none in my size.. Overstock is something you've kinda just got to jump on.
Since the dress isn't white.. These could be good! Very classy boots. But once again none in my size and overstock.
These are actually in my size... So they are a huge possibility. plus the toes wouldn't scuff as easily
I would love for these to be my something blue... I love that idea! I dunno though... also.. Sold out! ergh.

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  1. I love, love love! the idea of cowboy boots! That is SO cute!