Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catch up time!

I know. I've been miserable. Its been a very very busy couple of weeks though.
My parents just moved back to the states and their shipment came thankfully while I was on spring break. So i spent spring break helping them unpack and move. I definitely crashed every night. BUT! knowing that I only had so long prior to the wedding I needed to also work on some things here and there, mainly when everyone had gone to bed. I thankfully got the wedding invitations done. (thanks to costco.com- highly recommended) They turned out to be very nice! I loved them and was so giddy when they arrived.

My MOH dress arrived and my little sis tried it on while i was there. It definitely was NOT what we thought we would look like. SO it got sent back and we tried to find a new one.

My hairpiece from Ella's Alley on etsy.com arrived also and I LOVE IT! It is so beautiful and lifelike. I couldn't be happier. I tried to do my hair a couple evenings ago because I decided to not get it done. I want more time to myself (since I would have to drive an hour away to get it done.... it would definitely cut out my day) and with my girls!

We ordered the shoes. Mom called me last night and said that they had arrived and I wasn't going to like them. Just what I wanted to hear! Supposedly the leather is a lot darker than previously thought. Anybody know of some good places to check for a cute pair of flats.

I'm going to be laden down with all of the appointments and meetings as time gets to a close. But it will be good....

More to come ladies!


  1. Where did you get your shoes from? did you try DSW? I always seem to find something there!

  2. I got them from Zappos because I live in such a small town that I hardly have any shoe stores around here. My wedding has been highly planned just online!

  3. did you got to the mall and look at payless shoe source? or maybe ross?? those would be places to check here in town. ;) otherwise I fi shoe shop online, i use amazon. lol. But you really should hit up the mall, payless and maybe buckle (maybe?) might have something.

  4. Dang!!! sorry you're having such a hard time!!! Maybe you'll like the shoes after all-- hey it could happen!

    Hey-- did you know there's a setting in blogger so that you can reply to comments through email right to the person that commented? It's great!