Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ironic isn't it?

Before I was actually able to plan my wedding... I was on here more! Maybe that attests to all that I've done!?
Lets see.... Waiting to get a check to my venue. Couldn't ask for a better price or better included items! Instead of having to rent white chair covers I now have black iron chairs that are going to go great with the feel of the wedding. I am so giddy! Just ask my dear room-mate.
I ordered my hair piece.... From Ella's Alley on Etsy and so far she's been fantastic!
And my aisle runner:

I also may have found my photographer.. Just waiting back if she can do the dates or not! but sounds good... Wandering Albatross

Oh and I almost forgot.. We ordered plastic (yes plastic!) wine goblets, tumblers, white coffee cups and black and white square plates.... From the most fantastic site ever. I seriously think I found my crazy quirky match. Smarty Had A Party ... The best name too hey?
So there's my update for now... oh and whatcha think about these from Zappos?

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  1. I like your flower...but i think im now..going to have to see it before I buy it!! So, im off to some stores...soooo happy your piece turned out fab!!!