Thursday, March 26, 2009

Going through the to-do list...

I have been so busy just doing without telling whats going on!

We were able to find a venue that is soooo very very reasonable. Let me just say that my dress and the venue cost less than $500 put-together! The laptop has become my best friend as I have been just searching sites up and down for the best deal. Not only have things been reasonable but they've been what I want! That is truly the best part.

The reception venue is in my hometown and is just way cute. It made my day even more when I found out what they offer: approximately 500 black iron chairs (very french cafe-esque), several banquet tables for food etc and about 10 black iron tables. When my mom asked the lady about clean-up, the gal says "Don't worry about it- its my job!" Plus we can start setting up as early as there is nobody else scheduled. Cha Ching! I love that I don't have to rent/buy chair covers to cover hideous folding chairs. (Can we say a savings of minimally 200 right there?!?) My hometown church is where we are getting married in is just 5 minutes up the road. My dad has a 1954 Chevy Truck and several other friends have vintage cars. I can just see the bridal party driving off in these vehicles, can't you?

My mom and I have been hitting up the second hand stores for different glass vases, candle holders etc. We've come up with quite a few things for less than 100$ ! Its really incredible how you can save without cutting back on what you like. Everytime my dad tries to make sure that I'm trading budget for happiness, I just simply respond- I'm more happy though! Its true.. I've always been one of the girls who loves a good deal and would much rather a good deal than spending money on a designer. We were also able to find 8 different vases at Ross for like $15 dollars each. Granted not incredibly cheap but a good value for the size of these things! They are about 3 feet tall and the main stay look like this:

Ok so I jumped the gun, the wedding and more will be in the upcoming days!


  1. Less than $500?? way to freakin go!

  2. I know! It is crazy! but sooo exciting! Yours is right around the corner girl!