Thursday, March 26, 2009


I couldn't be more excited! I just found my guest book and it couldn't be more us or more perfect. I found this at Barnes and Noble but is where I got my photo! It's a photo book of Life's collection of best photos. Its just classic! Notice the top left photo! My fav~! There are perfect spaces on the corners for people to sign.
What about you ladies? What are you doing for something fun and unique or are you going classic?


  1. Oh, so cute! What a great idea!! Yay!

  2. That looks like fun!!!
    I can't decide if I want a picture frame or a picture-book with our engagement pics..

  3. What a fun and fabulous idea! I am jealous. One of the tragedies of being a wedding photographer is that I'm always seeing these amzing and creative things and thinking "aw man, I wish I'd had that for my wedding!" Don't get me wrong though, my wedding was fab too, I'm just addicted to creativity. Can't wait for yours!