Sunday, March 29, 2009

Constant Frustration!

So! It all started with trying to order this adorable dress from Nordstroms that is on back order til middle of June. And that is definitely not going to work when I need it for the rehearsal dinner!
Then of course, I find out that my shoes from zappos have turned out to be completely the wrong color and I attempt the shoes from anthropologie... They were then on back order till May 20th! And no that is not going to work either... So i was browsing tonight and found the same shoes on another site! Then I browsed some more and found this dress at
So not as cute but definitely cute! and a cut of the price.... So finally coming to a close! Lets just hope the shoes and dress work!


  1. the pink one least i way more adorable!

  2. Oh dang!!! Well it looks like your new dress will be great!! GOOD LUCK haha

  3. Yeah all of his family and friends have to travel also-- and some of his family can't come :(. I keep telling myself we'll be together in a little over a month and it will Allll get better!! haha