Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tackling the To-Do List!

Mom came over last night and we had a fairly quiet girls night with a lot of "tackling" involved. We went to bed working on wedding stuff (she fell asleep on me!) and then after some bill-paying continued on the wedding stuff...
We booked our DJ! He's great.. I met him at a bridal affaire and feel confident that he will be just right. He understands our vision of everyone having a good time and helping MC through the night...
We bought bridesmaid dresses! (From Spiegal) We found these and figured out how perfect they matched so we just went for it! And they will look great on everyone... Abby is going to be wearing the second one. (Its from Davids Bridal- go there and look for a better pic..)

We also bought rose petals in 4 different colors, and white paper bags to hold the luminaries and the favors.... The Favors are going to be flower bulbs with something corny but awesome to the extent of everytime it blooms remember us.
We narrowed down photographers and finally hunted down the number for the reception venue. We're trying to talk to them... Its a small town I would be blown away if it were already booked.
We also have the hotels down to two that we may reserve a block of rooms in and are just waiting till Monday to contact the Manager!
Its been busy but has been fantastic. Loved the time with mom!!!

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