Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Basket!

I'm definitely one of those that think the small details are not the end all but can make a big impression... I want a lot of small details that will just have to go away, but one that I'd like to keep is the Welcome Basket. Most of my guests are coming from out of town and I'd like to fill a basket of goodies... I also saw this at Martha Stewart Weddings:
So So cute!

I'm trying to think What would need to be in the welcome basket.... My list thus far:
Water bottle(s)
Chapstick (s) (you need it out here with how dry it is!)
phone numbers
list of fun things to do...
and I'm not sure what else yet! any ideas?


  1. Something sweet and salty! I can't wait to do mine!!

  2. maybe a toothbrush or something like that? one of those essentials that can be forgotten. If that makes sense?

  3. My mom was in charge of our guest bags. She stuffed them with everything under the sun. I do remember her putting a package of tylenol just in case someone felt a little ill.